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i need to remember that being “good” at my eating disorder is being good at deprivation, isolation, and self hatred. is that really what i want to excel at? (no)

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Silent Stargazers by: Steve Perry

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Nathan Ward

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This is really personal to me. I went to the place where I was attacked (molested but not raped) for the first time today since it happened two years ago. I was questioning whether or not it was my fault and thinking about all of the people that pass by that place casually with no idea what happened, and I wrote this. I think it needed to be written. that is the wall I was held against. That is what I wrote today. That is my shadow. And I feel stronger now for writing that.

I’m just going to keep bringing this up I think it’s important

this is really important it needs more notes

this speaks to me


please remember that if someone makes you sad or has a negative impact on your life that you don’t owe them anything… too many people drag out relationships/friendships that are manipulative and abusive because they feel guilty or like they’re obligated to be tethered to that person but you should always put yourself first 

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Dont make me love you again.